The Draft System has saved 20 mins off each milking

Johnny Flanagan milks 145 cows near Horse & Jockey in Co. Tipperary in spring-based system. He was tail-painting cows and found it labour intensive, plus he does his own AI.

He invested in SenseHub Collars and the SenseHub Draft system. The two systems talk to each other and the cows are drafted automatically. The cows can also be diverted off the phone.

The system picks-up cows that are sick. “It sent me an alert of a cow sick and she has e-Coli, I hadn’t notice. I find the ruminations very handy, if a cow is off-form, it tells me if she is not eating properly” says Johnny.

“The Draft System has saved me a lot of time it definitely saves me 20 mins per milking. The cows got used to the Draft System within one day. It is very accurate and had been a big benefit to labour on our farm” concludes Johnny.

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