Heat Detection & Health Monitoring

SenseHub livestock intelligence monitoring system helps to improve Reproductive, health, nutrition and well-being status of cows

Automatic Drafting Systems

SenseHub drafting systems uniquely segregates cows without hu-man intervention

Automatic Footbaths

Hoofcount footbath uniquely counts cow passes and empties cleans & refills in 3 minutes

Solar PV panels

High grade solar PV panels that enable farmers to self-generate electricity

SenseHub In-Line SCC Sensor

Provides automated SCC data for individual cows within 2 minutes of milking



Our aim is to achieve the best possible farming results for our rapidly growing customer base – by using automated systems to significantly reduce their workload; drive key farming practices, processes and decisions to improve performance and farm profitability.


We provide sustainable farm solutions to improve animal wellbeing, while at the same time significantly reducing farmer workload – it’s WIN-WIN!


We sell the most advanced farm automation technologies to take the labour out of repetitive tasks, drive animal performance and improve decision making on farms. Bringing innovation to Irish farmers – “we will never stop”.