SenseHub™ In-Line SCC Sensor

Provides automated SCC data for individual cows within 2 minutes of milking

Want more control over milk quality and herd health? Then you need actionable milk insight where it matters. The SenseHub In-Line Somatic Cell Count (SCC) Sensor from MSD Animal Health provides automated somatic cell counts for individual cows at the milking point. It delivers clear, reliable results in under two minutes. Now dairy farmers can confidently identify high SCC cases before each cow has finished milking, and act quickly to protect milk quality, herd health and profits.

Protect milk quality, herd health and profits

Detect high somatic cell counts earlier

Quickly see the SCC of each individual cow at the milking point, and identify potential issues much earlier than with visual identification or monthly lab testing.

Make faster and more informed decisions

Confidently determine the best approach for each animal. Save time, money and stress with faster actions.

Improve overall cow health and welfare

Give your herd the best chance of positive health outcomes through earlier detection of high SCC and timely control procedures, all while reducing unnecessary interactions with your animals.
The standalone SenseHub In-Line SCC Sensor works with any existing parlour technologies and fits into your milking routine with no additional steps. Unlike pre-stripping and manual testing, farmers can quickly and definitively identify high SCC cases without any specialist training.

Make quick more informed decisions using the simple-traffic light system

As milking begins, the SenseHub SCC Sensor takes a 2ml milk sample for each cow. Within two minutes the result is clearly displayed using a simple traffic light system, enabling farmers to quickly distinguish between high risk and low-risk animals.

Maintain milking schedules with expert installation and support from MSD Animal Health

Irrespective of whether you’re a SenseHub customer today, you can take advantage of enhanced insight and milk quality control. Our customer services and on-site teams will work with you to ensure rapid installation with no disruption to milking schedules.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Alerts farmers of the cows that need attention.
  • Minimises false positives.
  • Improves conception rates through targeted insemination timing.
  • Reduced vet bills (ie. preventative herd health approach).
  • Reduced calving interval.
  • Improved milk output.
  • Improved time and labour.


Antenna – cows that are within the antenna range, transmits the data constantly, the data is transferred from the antenna to the terminal.

Our Sales Team survey the yard to get the optimum position to locate the antenna for best results and to identify how best the system meets the farmers heat and health requirements.

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