Making sure the health of the herd is perfect

Robert Costello is a dairy farmer in Killorglin on the picturesque Ring of Kerry. He also provides a slurry and baling contracting service to local farmers within 10-mile radius. Really there is never a quite moment on the farm.

He is a very passionate diary farmer milking 90 Holestin cow and supplying Kerry Co-op and are constantly trying to improve the herd every year. Last year the herd produced 570 kg milk solids per cow.

“Each year we always try to invest in new technology that can improve our farm. We made the big decision of investing in the SenseHub heat and heath dedication system last year and it has been one of the best investment we ever made. No other machine is working 24/7 around the farm. It is like a man, always watching the cows – making the sure the health of the herd is perfect. We are also seeing massive difference on heat and even picking up silent heats. When cows are milking well, producing over 40 litres, they show no signs of heat. This is where the system really kicks in and picks up those heats, compared to me watching myself” remarks Robert.

“Also, when we are contracting and off farm a lot, we are confident that the health and the herd are okay. It really helps when you can see the graph of the whole herd and you can compare it to a sick cows health percent rate . I also seen a massive difference in my milk solids from the extra cows calved. I feel no other system could pay for itself quicker” concludes Robert.