Expect a reduction of 35% in ESB usage from Solar PV

“Milking Robots have a 24-hour demand on electricity, Solar PV has a continuous supply during the day which suits the Robot system and that is what oF us think of solar PV”, said Michael.

“We are always looking at ways to cut costs and become more efficient and also, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, which we see as very important.

When Darren from AEI visited me, he seemed to be very efficient and professional, with great attention to detail. We contacted the bank man and we worked out there would be a 5.5 year pay-back, so we got a loan for 6 years, after that hopefully it will be cost neutral. We also went with the SEAI grant. Installation from AEI was very smooth. They reckon they have a 50% reduction in ESB usage from the grid. It may not be as high over the winter month, but they expect it to bring a 35%reducton over the year”.

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