Hoofcount Extra F

It is a 3-in-1 liquid blend of Formalin, Copper, Zinc and Aluminium. No mixing is required. Highly visible colour. This unique blend, not only tackles Digital Dermatitis and helps prevent reoccurrences, but also condition the feet.  

Hoofcount ‘Extra F’ is effective even in lower temperatures, unlike formalin alone.

Usage Rates:

Add at a rate of 4-5% for weekly footbathing or can be used from as little as 2-3% daily, depending on the frequency of visits to the footbath.

Lameness in the dairy herd is a significant welfare issue and can lead to:

  • Loss of milk production.
  • Reduced fertility.
  • Higher incidence of involuntary culling.
  • Poor cow longevity in the herd.
  • More frequent and higher trimming costs.

Extra unnecessary labour handling animals